Machine Learning / AI

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been a core theme of my work in both academia and industry. From my early work with decision and probablistic boosting trees to deep learning.

I have used machine learning for a number of applications including object detection, feature detection, tracking, pose estimation, registration and segmentation.

You can find more information on my work in my papers and videos.

Some selected papers and publications using ML/AI:

M Hussein, JGB Puyal, P Brandao, D Toth, V Sehga, M A Everson, G Lipman, O F Ahmad, R Kader, J M Esteban, R Bisschops, M Banks, P Mountney, D Stoyanov, L Lovat, R Haidry – Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 2020
A Fawaz, P Klein, S Piat, S Severini, P Mountney – Proceedings of the 25th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining 2019
D Toth, S Cimen, P Ceccaldi, T Kurzendorfer, K Rhode, P Mountney – International Conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning 2019

3D/2D model-to-image registration by imitation learning for cardiac procedures. Toth, D., Miao, S., Kurzendorfer, T., Rinaldi, C.A., Liao, R., Mansi, T., Rhode, K. and Mountney, P., 2018. International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery, pp.1-9. Paper Award

Image classification with quantum pre-training and auto-encoders. Piat, S., Usher, N., Severini, S., Herbster, M., Mansi, T. and Mountney, P., 2018. International Journal of Quantum Information, 16(08), p.1840009.

A novel real‐time computational framework for detecting catheters and rigid guidewires in cardiac catheterization procedures. Ma, Y., Alhrishy, M., Narayan, S.A., Mountney, P. and Rhode, K.S., 2018. Medical physics, 45(11), pp.5066-5079.

Dual energy cardiac computed tomography to guide cardiac resynchronisation therapy: a feasibility study using coronary venous anatomy, scar and strain to guide optimal left ventricular lead placement. Gould, J., Behar, J., Rajani, R., Sieniewicz, B., Porter, B., Claridge, S., Sidhu, B., Razeghi, O., Niederer, S., Toth, D. and Mountney, P., 2018. EP Europace, 20(suppl_1), pp.i53-i54

A machine learning framework for context specific collimation and workflow phase detection. Alhrishy, M., Toth, D., Narayan, S.A., Ma, Y., Kurzendorfer, T., Rhode, K. and Mountney, P., 2018.

Real-Time Guiding Catheter and Guidewire Detection for Congenital Cardiovascular Interventions. YingLiang Ma, Mazen Alhrishy, Maria Panayiotou, Srinivas Ananth Narayan, Ansab Fazili, Peter Mountney, Kawal S. Rhode: FIMH 2017: 172-182

Automatic Vertebrae Segmentation in Fluoroscopic Images for Electrophysiology. Reiml, Sabrina, Tanja Kurzendorfer, Daniel Toth, Peter Mountney, Stefan Steidl, Alexander Brost, and Andreas Maier. In 2017 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Record (NSS/MIC). 2017

A Planning and Guidance Platform for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy. Mountney P, Behar JM, Toth D, Panayiotou M, Reiml S, Jolly MP, Karim R, Zhang L, Brost A, Rinaldi CA, Rhode K. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 2017

Real-Time Guiding Catheter and Guidewire Detection for Congenital Cardiovascular Interventions. YingLiang Ma, Mazen Alhrishy, Maria Panayiotou, Srinivas Ananth Narayan, Ansab Fazili, Peter Mountney, Kawal S. Rhode: FIMH 2017: 172-182

Instrument State Recognition and Tracking for Effective Control of Robotized Laparoscopic Systems. Manish Sahu, Daniil Moerman, Philip Mewes, Peter Mountney and Georg Rose. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research. 5.1 (Jan 2016): 33-3

Real-Time Ultrasound Transducer Localization in Fluoroscopy Images by Transfer Learning from Synthetic Training Data Tobias Heimanna, Peter Mountney, Matthias John and Razvan Ionasec Medical Image Analysis Volume 18, Issue 8, Pages 1320–1328, December 2014. Medical Image Analysis Best Paper Award

Learning without Labeling: Domain Adaptation for Ultrasound Transducer Localization. Tobias Heimann, Peter Mountney, Matthias John, and Razvan Ionasec In Proc MICCAI 2013. pp. 49-56. Oral Presentation.

Ultrasound and Fluoroscopic Images Fusion by Autonomous Ultrasound Probe Detection. Peter Mountney, Razvan Ionasec, Markus Kaizer, Sina Mamaghani, Wen Wu, Terrence Chen, Matthias John, Jan Boese and Dorin Comaniciu. In Proc MICCAI 2012. pp. 544-551

Orientation Strategies in Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery. Mikael Sodergren, Felipe Orihuela-Espina, Peter Mountney, James Clark, Julian Teare, Ara Darzi and Guang-Zhong Yang, Annals of Surgery: August 2011 – Volume 254 – Issue 2 – p 257–266

Context Specific Descriptors for Tracking Deforming Tissue. Peter Mountney and Guang-Zhong. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Medical Image Analysis.

Motion Compensated SLAM for Image Guided Surgery. Peter Mountney and Guang-Zhong Yang. In proc MICCAI 2010: pp. 496-504

Soft Tissue Tracking for Minimally Invasive Surgery: Learning Local Deformation Online. Peter Mountney and Guang-Zhong Yang. MICCAI(2), 2008: pp. 364-372. Oral Presentation

A Probabilistic Framework for Tracking Deformable Soft Tissue in Minimally Invasive Surgery. Peter Mountney, Benny P. L. Lo, Surapa Thiemjarus, Danail Stoyanov, Guang-Zhong Yang. MICCAI (2) 2007: pp. 34-41


Registration of Ultrasound and Physiological Models to X-Ray Fluoroscopic Images Using Learning Methods. USA 20.05.2011

Dose Reduction for iGuide Needle Guidance. USA 29.09.2011

Design of Markers on an Endoscope for Image-based Estimation of Endoscope’s 3D Motion from 2D X-ray Mono-plane Fluoroscopy. USA 16.11.2011

Real-Time TAVI Navigation: Fusing Anatomy from 2D US with Fluoroscopy. USA 19.01.2012

Model Based Fusion of Pre-op CT and Intra-op Fluoroscopy. Bringing Motion-compensated Dynamic Patient-specific Models from CT to Fluoroscopy using TEE. USA 23.01.2012

Ultrasound and Fluoroscopic Images Fusion by Autonomous US Probe Detection. USA 16.03.2012

Object Localization in X-ray Images Using Synthetic Training Data. USA 22.02.2013

System and Method for Multi-User Wireless Ultrasound Server. USA 05.04.2013

Real-time Automated Guidance, Measurement, Indexing and Labeling of Anatomical Structures and their Visualization for a Handheld Ultrasound Probe. USA 05.04.2013

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