I have an active research interest in quantum computing, quantum algorithms and quantum machine learning. I believe these technologies will have a significant impact on our future.

We are working with Simone Severini and Mark Herbster at UCL on quantum machine learning for cognitive healthcare. This project is funded by InnovateUK, more details here

UCL’s quantum information group.

I am organising a workshop on quantum machine learning at KDD this year.

We will have a poster at this years Heilbron Quantum Algorithms Meeting Worh our work on quantum pre-training and auto encoders.

Our work on quantum machine learning will be presented at the Royal Societies meeting on the Foundations of quantum mechanics and their impact on contemporary society.

Very interesting workshop on Quantum Technologies for Machine Learning QTML in held in Verona Nov 2017 QTML

Great event on quantum computing hosted by BlueYard and Google’s Quantum AI group. Quantum leap.

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